los angeles based, eco conscious stylist.




Hi! I’m Casey. Thanks for stopping by. My family swears that on my first christmas, i was more excited to open clothes than to look at new toys. while I have many questions about the validity of this urban legend, my obsession with fashion has been longstanding. my famlly hails from sweden,Paris and Los Angeles- thus, my style is rooted in the clean and modern lines of Scandinavia, the Effortless Elegance Parisians possess and laid-back california cool from growing up in lA. I love nothing more than curating looks for editorial and commercial shoots, helping clients find that standout look for an event, or even helping you cull that perfect wardrobe. i am 100% committed to helping you look your absolute best in a way that is authentically you- but, maybe with a little edge. .


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

— Rachel zoe




i am in love with the world- i take inspiration in around me at all times. whether i’m at a dive bar in the desert, traveling overseas, reading a book, or treasure hunting for good records, the people I meet and places i go never cease to give me inspiration. when working with clients/creative directors/social media managers, i love to mood board to open up the lines of communication and to develop the big picture look for the project. good communication and visual depictions are always helpful for making sure you are 100% satisfied.


Curating looks is where the magic happens- it’s taking an idea and turning it into something tangible. I have great relationships with many high-end showrooms and boutiques throughout los Angeles in order to provide you with the most current and beautiful looks. I love working with sustainable brands in particular. AMUR, Reformation, Stella McCartney, Veja and Alice Early are just some of my favorites.


i relish the excitement that comes from being on set, or dressing up clients for an event. it is incredible to see your vision come to life. i truly believe that what you wear is an expression of how you are feeling. it is a way to convey who you are to the world without saying anything at all. So, i ask- what Do you want to say?